status employed

After a short break from corporate development I'm back at it at Amazon. On my down time however I am building video games, if you're about that hmu!

Am I open to work? Nope! So far really enjoying my time at Amazon!

What do you do? I work on the Notifications team.

Where am I located? The rainy and beautiful Seattle, Washington.



software development engineer II

seattle, wa

sep 2023 - present

Spearheaded development on business critical services that impacts over 2,000,000,000 users annually.

    goodway group

    fullstack developer

    seattle, wa - remote

    nov 2021 - jul 2023

    Managed and led development of data capabilities hub, which established new standards for both Scientists and Engineers to collaborate on business critical deliverables.

    • Designed and delivered complete python infrastructure for the Data Science and Analytics team. Enabling both Scientists and Engineers to collaborate on business critical deliverables.
    • Spearheaded development of multiple microservices across multiple teams, assuring ACIDity with our RESTful and GraphQL distributed systems.
    • Launched and maintained open source tertiary React component library, allowing for unified component styling across micro front ends.
    • Developed, evangelized, and led adoption of machine to machine encryption for microservices in the AWS VPC. By leveraging Redis, Nginx, and JWT we secured our distributed systems and ensured safed connections.
    • Contributed to high performing and dynamic teams to deliver full stack solutions. Working hand in hand with end users to deliver user led value in every scrum cycle.

    realty simple

    fullstack developer

    seattle, wa - remote

    apr 2020 - oct 2021

    Designed, developed, and delivered multiple apps and services, working closely with designers, stakeholders, and end users to ship high velocity and battle tested solutions.

    • Architected and shipped solutions that interfaced with multiple API's, such as Mapbox, MLS, and OAuth.
    • Lead Development of backends services, testing and continuously deploying microservices and lambdas.
    • Designed and implemented caching infrastructure with Redis and Golang.
    • Collaborated with designers to ship multi page marketing website with React.
    • Ran User Research and managed stakeholder expectations using figma, trello and slack.


    technical co-founder

    seattle, wa

    jan 2019 - jan 2020

    Co-founded and managed technical functions of Angel funded University of Washington startup.


      software developer

      seattle, wa

      aug 2018 - jan 2019

      Worked on diverse problem sets creating custom solutions for an array of stakeholders. Shipping in Java, C#, Node, Python, Swift, and Golang.


        languages: C#, Go, Java, Javascript, Python, SQL, Typescript, HTML, CSS

        tools: React, Next, Node, GraphQL, Django, Spring Boot, .NET Core

        databases: PostgresSQL, MySQL, SQLite, Redis, MongoDB

        cloud services: AWS, Vercel, Heroku, Firebase, Railway

        devOps: Docker, Kubernetes, Linux, Git, Github, CirclCI, Shell


      • Substantial experience with Agile workflows
      • Proven communicator, collaborator and leader
      • education

        University of Washington, Seattle